Don’t Just Spell-Check It, Read It

There are certain errors that spell-check tools simply will not catch, and sometimes these can be quite embarrassing.

True Story: When I was on the Alief School Board, we were interviewing candidates to hire as our new Superintendent for the school district, and one of the candidates missed a typo on his resume: the word “public” was misspelled as “pubic.”

OMG, was he mortified when I brought it to his attention!  (No, we didn’t hire him.)

Because they were both actual words, the spell-checker missed this error completely.

Some other embarrassing typos a spell-checker would miss include:

–         asses instead of assess

–         flood plane instead of flood plain

–         faces instead of facies  (facies are plural, by the way)

It really is worth your time to read your paper through one last time – to save face.


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