Let Thy Words Be Few

Why use a bunch of words when just one (or two) will do the proverbial trick?

Here are some substitutions you can use to be less verbose:

As to whether => whether

Whether or not => whether

Due to the fact that => because

In order to => to

For the purpose of => to

In reference to => about

Subsequent to => after

Takes into account => accounts for

When your writing is wordy, long-winded and loquacious, your document will take too much time for your reader to read – and for you to write! Being concise will increase productivity all around.


One Response to “Let Thy Words Be Few”

  1. Donna Marcotte Says:

    Dear Jeanne,
    Excellent! These are among my favorite tricks of the trade, and most annoying to wade through when reading.

    Here’s to more simplified language for all!

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