Me, Myself, and I

Got another question from the Peanut Gallery:

“Seems to me that a lot of people in Texas use the reflexive pronoun constantly — and incorrectly from what I remember.

Bad Example: ‘Please give a copy to George and myself.’

Do you notice this?”

Yes, people use “me”, “myself”, and “I” incorrectly all the time, especially in songs on the radio.

Corrected Example: “Please give a copy to George and me.”

Here’s the Rule: Use “I” as a subject, “me” as an object, and “myself” when you’ve already used “I” earlier in the same sentence or you’re emphasizing your own role.

Example: “As for myself, I prefer to take all the credit, even though the paper was written by both John and me.”

To help you remember this, here are some songs on the radio that actually did it right:

“You are so beautiful … to ME. Can’t you SEE?”

“All by myself … don’t wanna be … all by myself … anymore.”

“You and I will make a pact … we must bring salvation back … where there is love, I’ll be there.”


One Response to “Me, Myself, and I”

  1. Bill Denning Says:

    My rule of thumb when deciding how to refer to myself is to eliminate other references in the sentence. This usually makes it fairly obvious which form of “me, myself, and I” should be used.

    For example, if the original sentence reads “Jerry, Andy, and me played folk music together last Friday night”, did I use the correct form?

    Just eliminate Jerry and Andy, and now the sentence reads “Me played folk music.”

    Me played folk music? I don’t think so . . . it should be “I played folk music”.

    So, the original sentence should have been “Jerry, Andy, and I played folk music together last Friday night.”

    This also works for “me” and “myself”.

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