Work, Work, Work

Apparently we do a lot of work in our industry, and there are many compound words to describe it. And, as with the “well-” words, there is variance as to whether they may be one word or two (but none take a hyphen.)

Single words include:  workforce, and workover when it is used as a noun or adjective.

Example: This well really needs a workover.

Separate words are used for:  work flow, work group, work string, and work over when it is used as a verb.

Example: We really need to work over this well.

Which brings us to a question from the Peanut Gallery about workpack vs. work pack.

I searched the SPE Style Guide and the Schlumberger Glossary, but the term was not to be found. So I did two polls to find the most popular industry and worldwide usage.

1) A search on found 8 hits for workpack and 3 hits for work pack — too small a sample to be statistically significant.

2) A search on found 70,200 hits for workpack and 61,900 hits for work pack — also pretty close.

Now, as a former librarian, I do not condone democracy in grammatical matters, but in this particular case, we shall let the majority rule.

Workpack it is!


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