Over and Over

Got another question from the Peanut Gallery, (which makes my day, BTW).

“Dave,” who had confessed to using the word “over” when he really meant “more than” and has repented, determined to do this sin no more, asked if you can in good conscience use the word “over” like this:

Example: … spreading the cost over 25 years.

Yes, Dave, that’s OK. Just as you can spread peanut butter over a slice of bread, you can spread costs over a period of 25 years.

“Over” can also mean:

 – across – over the goal line, won them over

 – again – do the report over with the new data

 – throughout – over the last few decades

 – beyond – ran two minutes over

 – finished – it’s not over until the fat lady sings.

But “over” is not to be used instead of “more than” or “greater than.” For that sin, Dave would have to do some penance.


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