Verbing a Noun

Got a question from the Peanut Gallery today. Mark writes:

“Languages evolve through time, and businesses and teenagers probably do more to change language than most other groups. I have heard presenters use noun forms of words as verbs, and some of them fall naturally upon my ears, while others leave me curious about whether I am behind on language development or the speaker has invented a new one himself. The most recent example that comes to mind for me is ‘to decision’ something. For example, ‘Let’s form a team to decision the best path forward.’ Will you please address this topic in one of your future entertaining and educational tips?”

To decision???

Oy, vey!  The verb is “to decide.”

This reminds me of Tip #30 in my series (see below), in which “trial” was used as a verb.

Example: We plan to trial the new thermoconambulator in Q4 2011.

Oy, vey squared!  The verb is “to try” or “to test.”

About the only noun I can stand to have “verbed” is “to google.”

Example: “What does a giraffe say, Mommy?”

“I don’t know, son, but I bet if you google that, you’ll find an answer.”


One Response to “Verbing a Noun”

  1. Bill Denning Says:

    Google is not a verb. It’s barely even a word.

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