Joined Prefixes

There are several prefixes that do not take a hyphen. These are called joined prefixes.

One example is re–, as mentioned in a previous post titled “How to Do a Redo.”

Here are some others with examples:

Joined Prefix Examples:
co– coauthor, codevelop, cofounder, cooperate, cosurfactant, coworker
counter– counteract, counterintuitive. counterpart, counterpressure, counterweight
down– downcast, downdip, downhill, downhole, downright, downside, downtime
electro– electrochemical, electrohydraulic, electrokinetic, electromagnetic
extra– extracurricular, extrajudicial, extramarital, extraordinary, extraterrestrial
inter– interbedded, interdependence, intergranular, interlaminar, interplay
micro– microampere, microcircuit, microeconomics, micromanage, microseismic
mid– midday, midfield, midpoint, midsection, midstream, midterm, midyear
multi– multiaxial, multibillion, multicomponent, multilevel, multiyear
over– overburden, overanalyze, overconfident, overestimate, overinflate, oversee
poly– polycarbonate, polycrystalline, polycyclic, polyphasic, polytheism
pre– predrill, premeasured, premerger, preproduction, prepay, prequalify, pretreat
pro– proactive, procreate, proenzyme, prograde, prolapse, prorated
pseudo– pseudodifferential, pseudoscience
semi– semiannual, semiconductor, semifinal, semiformal, semisubmersible
sub– subcategory, sublevel, subscale, subsea, subsector, subtopic
super– superachiever, superhero, supermodel, supersize, superstore, supertanker
ultra– ultraclean, ultracompact, ultradeep, ultrafine, ultralightweight, ultraviolet
un– unbroken, undamaged, unheated, uninterrupted, unmarked, unsaturated
under– underarm, underbid, underbrush, underburden, underestimate, underwater
up– upbuild, upcoming, updip, upgrade, uphole, upkeep, uplift, upriver, upwind

But nix-nix on the use of “pre-planning.” By definition, planning can only be done ahead of time or beforehand, so pre-planning is redundant. Don’t let me catch you using it.


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