Confused Word Pairs

Top Ten List of Confused Words

I received a valuable contribution from the Peanut Gallery today: a link to Merriam Webster’s Top Ten list of word pairs that are often confused with each other. I thought I would include the link as today’s Tip of the Day. (Thanks, Dave!)

1)      Flaunt vs. Flout

2)      Affect vs. Effect

3)      Desert vs. Dessert

4)      Stationary vs. Stationery

5)      Flak vs. Flack

6)      It’s vs. Its

7)      Pore vs. Pour

8)      Fewer vs. Less

9)      Flounder vs. Founder (verbs)

10)  Principal vs. Principle

If you’ve ever wondered about any of these, please follow the link above and click NEXT to view the next pair. Each entry explains the difference between the two words, and also gives you a way to remember each one.


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