Name It So You Can Find It

A member of the Peanut Gallery suggested a worthwhile topic I would like to address today. Herman writes:

“I have learned several things from reading your lessons. When you do need another topic, one of my pet peeves is email subject titles. These should be intelligently titled to include both an apt description and key ‘tag words’ for those of us who use search features such as Outlook’s Advanced Find.”

Not only should we give our email subject lines a description using key words, but we should also give our Word and Excel files complete names that adequately describe their contents. I recently received an email from Supervisor X that had no subject line at all, and the attachment was named Document2. Next month, when I really need to find that email or the original version of what he sent me, what kind of success do you think I will have? Yes, I’ve given him an appropriate amount of good-natured grief about this – and yes, I’m still working here.

So, when filling out the Subject line or saving a file, let’s all make it a habit to think first: “What would I type into the search box to find this again next month?” and then use those words in the title. Spend 10 seconds now to save 10 minutes later!


2 Responses to “Name It So You Can Find It”

  1. Интернте-сборник советов Says:

    Not a bad article.
    There is something to think about.

    Sincerely yours, administrator of the site Tips and Tricks

  2. petrocomputing Says:

    Billy writes:
    Consider these at the beginning of the subject:
    INFO:, REQUEST, there may be others.
    There are a few who send emails with these – I find it helpful.

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