Funky Plurals

Most words just need to add an S or ES at the end to form the plural. Here are some of the more unusual plurals in the English language.

Some words that end in Y will change the Y to I and add ES.

Examples: babies, cities, navies  (exceptions: keys, donkeys, monkeys)

Some words that end in F will change the F to V and add ES.

Examples: leaves, loaves, selves, hooves  (exception: roofs)

Some words that end in a consonant followed by an O will add ES.

Examples: tomatoes, potatoes, heroes, buffaloes, dominoes  (exception: pianos)

Latin words have their own rules:

   Alumnus, alumni (masculine)

   Alumna, alumnae (feminine)

   Addendum, addenda

   Curriculum, curricula

   Medium, media (media are plural!)

And then there are some very interesting compound word plurals:

   Attorneys general




   Deputy chiefs of staff

   Sergeants major

   Major generals

   Postmasters general

   Assistant corporation counsels

The rule of thumb here is to make the most significant word plural.


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