In Addition, He Used an Extra Also, Too

What’s wrong with this sentence?

Bad Example:

Also, some additional inhibitor was added to prevent hydrate formation.

Here we have three instances of the concept of addition (also + additional + added) in a single sentence, resulting in what I like to call “repetitive redundancy.”

More Bad Examples:

Plus, she also bought shoes and a scarf to go along with the new dress.

(plus + also + along with = three concepts)

Additionally, the sonic imaging log was run together with the neutron density log as well as the resistivity log.

(additionally + together with + as well as = three concepts) 

Furthermore, an extra scoop of ice cream was piled on top, too.

(furthermore + extra + piled on top + too = four concepts)

Try to limit yourself to a single concept of addition per sentence if you can, and never include more than two – even in a compound sentence.



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