Spaces Around Parentheses

Last Saturday I attended a Career Enhancement Event at Texas A&M University in my role as Membership Chair of the SPE Gulf Coast Section.

After my seven-minute spiel, (which ran to nine minutes – hard to get me to stop talking once I’m on a roll),

I was critiquing resumes for the SPE Student Chapter members. One of the things I noticed fairly often was poor spacing around parentheses.

Here’s the rule:

There should be a space before the open parenthesis and no space after it, and there should be a space after the closed parenthesis and no space before it.


Formation damage can be divided into two subcategories: wellbore damage (shallow damage) and reservoir damage (deep damage).

Note that the period at the end of the sentence is outside the parentheses. Only use a period inside the parentheses if the parenthetical expression is a complete sentence.


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