Buzzwords and Business Jargon

Some words are used so often in business that they become cliché. How many times have you heard or read these words just today?

mission critical

offline (after the meeting)



resource (verb)



out of the box

touch base

new initiative


core competency



fast-track (ever hear of slow-track?)


brainstorming / blamestorming

scalable / sustainable

skill set

change management



Oy, veh! Reading too many of these in one sitting just makes you want to barf. 

Try to use them sparingly, both in your writing and in meetings and conference calls.

And if you have certain colleagues or managers who regularly engage in buzzword overuse, try playing Business Buzzword Bingo at your next meeting.

The following website has a Bingo card functionality (oops!) that will generate unique playing cards to help you play Buzzword Bingo.

The BINGO square in the middle is a free space or wildcard. Just put an X in the box when each word is used, and the first person to get five in a row (either up, down, or diagonally) yells “BINGO!” and wins the game.

Side Benefit: Everyone will be hanging onto every word during the meeting, rather than texting or answering emails on their BlackBerrys. (Yes, that is the accepted plural for the smart phone, not BlackBerries, as it is a trademarked name.)


One Response to “Buzzwords and Business Jargon”

  1. Rhonda Says:

    Then there’s ‘onboarding’, ‘interface/interfacing/interfacing’, ‘align/alignment/aligning/aligned’ and the incorrect use of ‘impact’…

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