Keeping It All Together

Have you ever been writing a multipage document and had a bullet list split up by a page break? Don’t you just hate that, especially when the warm-up with the colon is on one page and the bullets are on the next? Or when most of the bullets are on the first page and only one or two are on the next? Don’t you wish there was some kind of electronic holster to help you keep all your bullets together?

Well, here’s some good news, buckaroos. (Hey, that rhymes!) Microsoft Word has this cool feature called “Keep With Next” that will keep all the lines together that you specify and place them directly on top of the next page above the “next” paragraph or line.

Here’s how to do it: First select or highlight the lines you would like to keep together. Then click on Format at the top of the screen and drop down to Paragraph, and click that.

Then click on the second tab at the top where it says Line and Page Breaks.

Then check the boxes that say “Keep lines together” and “Keep with next.”

Hit OK, and POOF!

Your bullets are all lined up together in a row like a Mexican bandolier. Yee-Ha!


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