Make Your Emails More Readable

Most people scan their emails to determine whether they want to read it or not. This helps filter out junk mail or items of lesser importance, thereby increasing productivity.

To ensure that your emails are read, they should meet two important scanning criteria:
1)  Is the message important?
2)  Will it be quick and easy to read?

Here’s how to boost the readability of your emails:
1) KISS = Keep It Short and Sweet, or about 150 words.
2) Limit paragraph length to three sentences max.
3) Change a long paragraph into a bullet list.
4) Highlight any actions that need to be taken. Example:
Action Item:  Use a different color.
5) For prompt replies, end your email with a request rather than “Regards.”
Waiting for your reply….
What do you think?

These tips will help fellow workers plow through their inboxes in a timely manner.


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