More Stuff Spell Checker Will Miss

I was editing a white paper that was obviously written by committee today, and I ran across three things that needed fixing that Spell Check would never find.

1)      Filed instead of field
2)      Quiet instead of quite
3)      Perspective instead of prospective

The first two are just typos that happen when your fingers know the right letters to type, but they just put them in the wrong order because one hand is quicker than the other hand.
The only way to catch them is to read your text very carefully.

The third one requires some definitions.
Perspective is usually a noun that means a view or viewpoint, and refers to seeing things relative to each other, even mentally.
After living in Africa as a missionary for the summer, the American high school student had a whole new perspective on material possessions.

Prospective is an adjective that means expected in the future.
Fluid loss into a prospective reservoir zone can ruin many logging measurements.

I hope your prospects are all good!


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