Lots of Little Things

I’ve been editing a long document (cutting it down by half, as well), and I found several little things I’d like to address, but none of them merits a whole lesson by itself. Therefore, I am lumping a bunch of them together in this Tip of the Day.

1)      There was an abbreviation of OL, and I could not find a suitable definition of it in any of the oil industry glossaries. So I asked the author, and it turns out to be “outlook.” I really think this should be spelled out, as it’s neither long nor commonly abbreviated.
2)      Upcoarsening is not a word. Use either “coarsening” or “upscaling.”
3)      Finely-gridded should not be hyphenated, nor should any adverbs ending in –ly be hyphenated with the next word they modify.
4)      Volumetric concentration? I think the author really meant “volume.”
5)      “Enables the ability” is redundant. Enables it, period.
6)      6% for Well A, 7% for Well B, and 8% for Well C, respectively. If you’re going to pair them up, you don’t need the “respectively.” You do need it when you unpair them: “6%, 7%, and 8% for Wells A, B, and C, respectively.
7)      Trail and error. Another one that got away from Spell Checker!


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