Placement of “Also” in Sentence

The word “also” means “too” or “in addition.” Normally, the word “also” goes before a simple past or present tense verb, but goes after the verb “to be” and any auxiliary or modal verbs.

The well may have produced 258 b/d of heavy oil, but it also produced a lot of sand. (before simple past tense)

This downhole tool not only measures temperature, but it also measures pressure.
(before simple present tense)

She may be a lawyer, but she is also a registered petroleum engineer.
(after verb “to be”)

If we exceed our production target by 20%, each of you will also receive a new car.
(after an auxiliary verb)

The manager plans to attend the meeting, but the vice president might also attend.
(after a modal verb)

If the word “also” refers to an entire sentence, then it goes at the beginning of the sentence with a comma after it.

Turn in your expense account. Also, your timesheet needs to be filled out.


11 Responses to “Placement of “Also” in Sentence”

  1. jason Says:

    Nice post. I might also Tweet it!

  2. don Says:

    Great post: very helpful.

  3. meb Says:

    is it possible to use also before have been shown?

  4. jyoti lokeswaran Says:

    Good and to the point.

  5. JH Says:

    Is there a distinction between US and UK usage? I find that US authors tend to use ‘also’ up front before the verb ‘to be’ and modal and auxiliary verbs.

    • petrocomputing Says:

      Yes, there are probably differences across the pond, but the preferred position is after helping verbs and “to be.”
      He is also a scientist.
      I am also sending a package.

  6. rosy Says:

    isn’t it correct to say: it has also been shown..Then also is not before has been shown

    • petrocomputing Says:

      You can go either way: It has also been shown, or It also has been shown, but the former is preferred, as the “also” is just before the verb form of “to be.”

  7. Placement of “Also” in Sentence | Technical Writing Tips for the Oil Patch | On Vietnam and the World Says:

    […] Source: Placement of “Also” in Sentence | Technical Writing Tips for the Oil Patch […]

  8. Jo Alex SG Says:

    Thank you so much for this!

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