Hyphenated Oilfield Terms

Here are a few words that, like many oilfield terms, are hyphenated when used as one part of speech, but are not hyphenated when used as another part of speech:

flow-test (adj.)           We hope to flow-test the well tomorrow.
flow test (noun)         Tomorrow we will do a flow test.

ramp-up (adj., noun)        We expect the ramp-up in production to take 6 months.
ramp up (verb)                    We expect to ramp up production over the next 6 months.

slip-lock (adjective)           We intend to use a slip-lock completion.
slip lock (noun)                     We intend to use a slip lock during completion.

Here are some other hyphenated terms you won’t find in any other style guide:
free-water knockout

And here’s one that is not hyphenated, no matter how badly you want to:
heater treater

I have submitted these as potential additions to the SPE Style Guide, so maybe they will add them the next time they update it.


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