Three Little Things

I’ve been editing a field development plan and I saw a few little things I wanted to share with the Peanut Gallery.

1)      The preferred plural of “annulus” is “annuli,” not “annuluses.” The latter makes me cringe as bad as when I hear a new piece of chalk screech on a blackboard.
2)      “The wells were cold produced” should be “The wells were produced cold.” Cold is usually an adjective, but in this case it is an adverb describing how the well was produced. One of the definitions for the adverb “cold” is “without preparation or warm-up,” which would apply to wells producing oil before steam injection begins. Would you say “The wells were without warm-up produced?” Surely not. You would say: “The wells were produced without warm-up.” Therefore, the word “cold” should follow “produced,” not precede it.
3)      The phrase “currently ongoing” is redundant. It’s just ongoing, which means “being actually in progress.”

I got a question the other day about monetary expressions:
“Can you say $5 hundred, $5 thousand, and $500 thousand instead of $500, $5,000, and $500,000, respectively?”

Answer: No, those three expressions are not used at all. However, sometimes $5,000 is expressed $5K, and $500,000 can be expressed as either $500K or $0.5 million, depending on how other amounts in the same vicinity in the document are expressed.


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