Into vs. In To

The words In, To, and Into are all prepositions, but does
that mean:

In + To = Into?

Standard Engineer’s Answer:
That depends.

There are certain cases where that equation holds true,
such as when there is motion toward the inside of something.
The drillstring with the new bit was lowered into the hole.

There are other situations where the word In is considered part of the verb phrase, such as:
Turn in, Hand in, Give in, Log in, Tune in, etc.
In such cases, the In and the To remain separate. If they are combined, it would mean something entirely different.

She handed her thesis in to the professor.
She handed her thesis into the professor. (Stuffed it down his throat,

He turned the watch he found in to the drilling superintendent.
He turned the watch he found into the drilling superintendent. (Using his magic

Funny Error of the Day:
The criminal turned himself into the police. (I’m sure he didn’t become
a policeman!)


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