The Wonders of Wite-Out

No, that’s not a typo in the title. Wite-Out® is a trademarked name of a correction fluid that sure comes in handy when you spot certain typos after you’ve printed out a document.

For example, you see a plural noun and a singular verb, you can whip out your Wite-Out and quickly paint over that unnecessary “s.” The same is true if you spot a singular noun used with a plural verb.

Bad Examples:
The Abracadabra formations lies beneath the Jurassic unconformity.
(paint over the s at the end of formation to make the subject singular to match the verb)

The Subsurface and Operations Teams needs to meet together to discuss surveillance.
(paint over the s at the end of need to make the verb plural to match the

Wite-Out can also be used to paint over those pesky apostrophe’s that some people use to form plural’s, rather than possessive’s. (There are three of them in that sentence.)

Say, for example, that the reserved parking sign for the VP of Operation’s has been bugging you for months. Go to the office supply closet, procure yourself a bottle of Wite-Out, head outside and walk over to that sign. Crack open the bottle, and paint over that pesky apostrophe. Give it a double coat for good measure.

And when it finally rains (hooray!) and the Wite-Out has washed off, make a game of it to see which employee paints over that apostrophe on the parking sign first. Let the winner keep some ceremonial desk doodad until the next time.

Who says good grammar can’t be fun?


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