PO’d about QC’d and TD’d

I get to edit several weekly and biweekly status reports, and while these documents are not as formal as field development plans or petrophysics reports, they still have to maintain some kind of dignity, as they reflect – positively or negatively – on the person who did the work.

There is a lot of lingo in status reports, much of it in the form of abbreviations. Yes, I understand that diligent workers want to spend as little time crafting these pesky reports as possible, preferring (rightly) to devote more time to accomplishing things to report next time. Consequently, status reports are abuzz with shorthand and incomplete sentences.

Bad Examples:
QC’d the data before uploading to Petrel.
Well expected to be TD’d over the weekend.

QC is not a verb. Heck, it’s not even a word, so it really can’t be conjugated like a verb, much less contracted with an apostrophe. Same thing with TD’d. Nobody would say: Well expected to be total depthed over the weekend.

And don’t even get me started on wells that are “expecting.” (Insert pregnant pause here.) (See yesterday’s tip on Plans Don’t Contemplate.)

Better Examples:
Checked the data before uploading to Petrel.
(Other options: Edited the data, Fixed the data, Corrected the data)

Well is expected to reach TD over the weekend. (That’s passive voice, but I’ll let it slide.)

As for using sentence fragments, you can generally get away with it if you are using bullet points rather than paragraph form for your status report items.

Rule of Thumb for Status Reports:
The shorter the better; however, don’t turn your abbreviations into verbs.


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