Judgement vs. Judgment

Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary gives you the option of spelling judgment with or without an “e” after the “g.” The entry reads: “judgment or judgement,” which means the two variants are equal, both standard, and either one may be used according to personal inclination.

However, both the AP Style Guide and the Society of Petroleum Engineers Style Guide are very definitive in their preference for judgment – without the extra “e.” Also, there is a red, squiggly line beneath “judgement” in Microsoft Word, so its spell checker considers “judgment” the correct spelling.

Three against one, majority rules: Nix on the “e.”

Next, let us look at “acknowledgment” vs. “acknowledgement.” In this entry, Webster has the word “also” rather than “or” in between the two variants, which means that both are standard and may be used as you please, but the first one, acknowledgment without the “e”, is used more often.

Both AP and SPE Style Guides say to use “acknowledgment,” and Word’s spell checker recognizes both (no red, squiggly lines under either one).

Again, three against one, majority rules: Nix on the “e.”

There are some places on this planet where “judgement” is preferred:

– Australia

– South Africa

– In the United Kingdom when used in a non-legal sense (i.e., no judge involved).

Example: “Always trust the driller’s judgement,” said the Prime Minister.


Profound Quote of the Day:

A computer does not substitute for judgment

any more than a pencil substitutes for literacy.

– Robert McNamara, 1916–2009

President of Ford Motor Company,

US Secretary of Defense,

President of World Bank Group


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