Three Little Things

On my running list of topic ideas for the Tip of the Day, I have three little items. None of them merits a whole diatribe on its own, so I’m going to combine them into a single tip.

Little Thing #1:
I ran across the phrase “1.5 km square” in one of the major reports I’ve been editing.
Now, most expressions for area in technical publications are given in units of
km2. If the author meant that the area was a square with one side equal to 1.5
km, then it should have been written 2.25 km2.

Little Thing #2:
Here’s  another sentence that needed correction.

Bad Example:
Electric or alternatively gas-driven compressors will be provided to boost pressure.

“Or alternatively” seemed repetitively redundant to me. I would word it this way:

Corrected Example:
Either electric or gas-driven compressors will be provided to boost pressure.

Little Thing #3:
Some things just don’t need abbreviating. Example: B62 for Block 62
When I was reading it, I wasn’t sure if I was reading about an airplane or possibly playing Bingo.

Rule of Thumb:
If it’s a single syllable, don’t abbreviate it.

Well, that takes care of every last idea I had on my list of potential Tip of the Day topics.I sure hope somebody out there in the Peanut Gallery asks me a question or sends me something to edit that makes me hop up on my soapbox to spout off.


Profound Quote of the Day:
“Little things console us because little things afflict us.”
– Blaise Pascal, French philosopher, 1623-1662


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