A Few Little Things

This week I ran across some boo-boos that I wanted to share with the Peanut Gallery.

Ever see the word “4cst” in a dictionary? Me neither. Moi non plus. No, it’s not a foreign language; it’s pidgin for “forecast.” Spell the word out – it’s not that difficult – so nobody will be scratching their head trying to figure out exactly what you did last week in the status report.

Definition of “pidgin” – a simplified speech used for communication between people with different languages. (Not to be confused with “pigeon,” the bird that loves to eat French fries.)

Example: Cajun is a pidgin combo of English and French (Acadian). In the case of 4cst, the two languages are English and Text-Message-ese.

The next no-no is “started back.”
Bad Example: After the workover, the well was started back.
Corrected Example: After the workover, production was restarted.

Definition of “restart” – to start anew, to resume after interruption, to resume operation.

I also found a misspelling: florescence. Even Word accepts this spelling, as there is no red, jiggy line under it. Turns out there is a word spelled florescence, but it’s not the scientific one we normally use.

Definition of florescence – a state or period of flourishing. (Think: blossoming.)
Definition of fluorescence – luminescence that is caused by the absorption of radiation at one wavelength followed by nearly immediate giving off of radiation usually at a different
wavelength, which ceases almost at once when the incident radiation stops.
(Think: light coming from the sign above the Fluor engineering company.)

Lastly, there was a typo that Spellchecker would miss because it is also a word:
Liner instead of linear. Or linear instead of liner.
Bad examples:
Liner regression
Run in the 7-in. linear

Be careful out there, folks.


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