Sometimes vs. Sometime vs. Some Time

Sometimes is an adverb that means now and then, or occasionally.
Sometimes she’s pleasant, and other times she’s a real monster.
Think: Off and on.

Sometime means at an unspecified or indefinite time.
He said he would arrive sometime after lunch, but he wasn’t sure when.
Think: Actress Mae West saying “Come up and see me sometime.”

Some time means a period of time.
Give him some time to mourn his late wife before you tell him to start dating again.
Think: A little time.

While we are thinking, I ran across a typo today:
The upper sand and lower sand were divided by a think layer of shale.

Did the author mean thin? Or did the author mean thick? It could go either way. Surely this is not intelligent shale!

Not knowing the thickness, and not being able to contact the author, this editor struck the word “think” and left it simply as a “layer of shale.” I didn’t take the chance of guessing wrong. The result is not as complete in detail as the author intended, but it’s not misleading, either.

Yet another one that got away from Spellchecker….


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