The Wrong Words

I ran across two examples of misspellings today, and in both cases Spellchecker missed it because the misspelled word was also a real word.

1) Summery instead of Summary
Summery means “like the summer season.” Summary means “a short overview.”
Always write the Executive Summary last when compiling lengthy reports.
Her light, floral dress was too summery for the cold weather in Hammerfest.

Personal Side Note:
I had the opportunity to visit Hammerfest, Norway – the northernmost city in the world, as the locals love to boast – on a press junket organized by the ONS Foundation. We were rolling our suitcases through the snow in late April, which was basically akin to plowing the sidewalk with your luggage, to a location where we were all inducted into the Royal and Ancient Polar Bear Society (Isbjørnklubben). This ceremony, performed by the Mayor himself, involved some very cold water and a large, petrified walrus member – and that’s all I’m allowed to say about that. I still have my polar bear pin and official certificate.

Nice cold thoughts on a 100°F day. Ah, but I digress….

2) Staring vs. Starting vs. Starring
Staring means “looking at something fixedly with eyes wide open.”
Starting means “beginning or commencing.”
Starring means “having the lead role in a film or play.”

Funny Bad Examples:
Eni announced it was staring oil production at the Arcadia field in Egypt in July 2010.
People have been starting at the moon since the days of the cave men.
Ocean’s Eleven is a movie staring the handsome George Clooney.

Hmmm, I wonder if he’s a member of the Royal and Ancient Polar Bear Society….


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