Commas, Semicolons, and Parentheses

I got a question from the Peanut Gallery today. Barbara asks:
“Where do commas go, inside or outside parentheses? (I always put them inside,) but is that correct?”

Standard Answer: That depends.
Usually, the comma goes outside after the closing parenthesis. The same thing applies with a semicolon or colon.
The exception is when the punctuation is an official part of the stuff inside the parentheses.

The routine core analysis data were received this week (see Table 3), and we plan to generate Hall Plots and histograms next week.
The driller originally planned to fish for the lost bottomhole assembly (bit and mud motor); however, the company man decided to proceed with the sidetrack instead.
The following parameters were used (in Petrel): K, Phi, Sw, So, and Sg.

This example has an integrated comma within the parentheses, as well as one outside:
A hardcopy of the Block 78 field development report was sent to the archives (Central Files, which is on the 12th floor), and the electronic version was emailed to upper management and interest partners.


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