National Punctuation Day – Sept. 24, 2011

National Punctuation Day – Sept. 24, 2011

Who knew there was such a thing? Only a true Grammar Geek could appreciate this particular holiday.

There’s a National Grammar Day, too, which I learned about after the fact. That celebration took place Mar. 4, 2011. Get it? March forth! That’s a complete, grammatically correct sentence in the imperative tense. We’ll celebrate that holiday in Tip of the Day Writing Style next Spring.

Meanwhile, let me tell you how I will be celebrating National Punctuation Day. There’s a contest, the Punctuation Paragraph Contest, and there will be 25 winners chosen by “an esteemed panel of judges” to receive “a box of punctuation goodies,” which I sure hope is a box of comma-shaped chocolates, and not some nerdy T-shirt and baseball cap.

The rules for the contest are:
“Write one paragraph, maximum of three sentences, using these 13 punctuation marks:
apostrophe  ‘
brackets  [ ]
colon  :
comma  ,
dash  –
ellipsis  …
exclamation point  !
hyphen  –
parentheses  ( )
period  .
question mark  ?
quotation mark  ”  ”
semicolon  ;
You may use a punctuation mark more than once.”

Good thing, because a few of them come in pairs.

You can still submit an entry to this contest until Sept. 30, 2011, either by emailing <a href="<>,
or by visiting the website at
If you go to the website, you can see the winners of last year’s Punctuation Haiku Contest, which are worth reading.

Well, here’s my entry for the contest:

Who would’ve thought that I – a female chemist from upstate New York (LeRoy) – would spend my entire career in the Houston oil industry? Had you suggested it back then, I would have told you this: “I just graduated [from SUNY Albany] and I’m on a mission to cure cancer …; you’re nuts!” Well, my self-assurance vanished when I learned how interesting and high-tech the oil industry really is.

If you decide to enter this contest, please copy me on your email, so I can share it with the rest of the Peanut Gallery. And if you win and I don’t, please share your comma-shaped chocolates with me. And send me a photo of yourself wearing the nerdy T-shirt and cap.


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