More Typos Spell Checker Will Miss

One of the members of the Peanut Gallery, Salim in Oman, sent me some more typos that are actual words recognized by Spell Checker software.

He wrote: “… you may odd, I mean add, the following in your lost, I mean list. Hehehe.”

●   add vs. odd

●   list vs. lost

●   tried vs. tired

●   deal vs. dial

●   steam vs. stream

●   valve vs. value

●   project vs. protect

●   affect vs. effect – we had a whole Tip of the Day on this one.

●   path vs. bath

●   vary vs. very

●   time vs. tome

And I thought of a few more:

●   compiled vs. complied

●   field vs. filed

●   range vs. rage

And today’s Typo of the Day is yet another example:

“We encountered a tin, poor-quality reservoir at 4,308 ft.”

If you encountered a vein of tin, yes that would be very poor reservoir quality.

I’m sure y’all meant “thin,” but again, Spell Checker missed it entirely.


One Response to “More Typos Spell Checker Will Miss”

  1. Margaret Anderson Says:

    One of my favorite poems begins:
    “I have a spell in chequer
    It came with my pea see?”

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