Advice vs. Advise

This is an easy one because “advice” is a noun and “advise” is a verb. Advice is what is given to you when someone advises you on a matter.

Advice has a hard SSS sound at the end, whereas Advise has a soft, buzzing ZZZ sound at the end.

Advice is a recommendation, opinion, or counsel that implies that professional or technical knowledge is being transferred. The synonym “counsel” is preferred when personal wisdom is being given by someone in authority.

To advise someone means to inform, recommend, warn, caution, suggest types of action, or encourage consideration of various aspects of a matter. The person who does this is called an adviser or advisor. Which is preferred, you ask?

Purdue University’s marketing and communications department has a style guide that says to use “advisor,” whereas the AP Style Guide and the SPE Style Guide both say to use “adviser.” Webster’s dictionary uses “or” in between the two variants, which means they are equal variants.

The best thing to do is to pick one for your organization and stick with it consistently. I will be using “adviser” because I stick with the SPE Style Guide.

Funny Ad of the Day:
For those of you who aren’t Cajun, there is a holiday meat called a Turducken, which is a turkey with a deboned duck and chicken stuffed inside, along with etouffee or other kinds of stuffing. When you slice this thing, you get concentric circles of different colored meats and stuffings – it’s a unique food and a work of culinary art. I’ve never eaten one because my family is not as adventurous as I am. I’ll try just about anything once – if it sits still on a plate, that is.

Anyway, the Houston Chronicle had a nice big ad featuring a color photo of a turducken. Beneath it were the following words:
“It’s a chicken.  Inside a duck.  Inside a turkey.  Inside your stomach.  46 million holiday parties; Pepto covers them all.  Pepto-Bismol: Eat, drink and be covered.”
LOL – Great ad!


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