Several Itty Bitty Things

Today I printed out all the reports I had edited for my team during 2011. They filled two huge binders, and my boss, Supervisor X, was impressed with how voluminous the tomes were. He was searching for the noun to express that, thinking of coining the term “voluminimity” to describe the concept. It turns out that “voluminousness” is the corresponding noun for the adjective “voluminous,” according to Merriam-Webster – but I kind of like his version better, as it has a certain musicality to it.

Here’s an error I see fairly often: people spell the South American country as Columbia instead of the correct way, which is Colombia. You see, Christopher Columbus was called Cristoforo Colombo in Italian and his name was Cristobal Colon in Spanish. Thus, it makes sense to have an O instead of a U in Colombia, the name of a Spanish-speaking country named after him.

Some engineers like to capitalize the P in Psi, which stands for pounds per square inch, but the SPE Style Guide says to use psi, e.g., 247 psi. Note the space between the numeral and the unit of measure.

Bad Example:

The equipment is under monitoring.

Corrected Examples:

The equipment is being monitored.

We are monitoring the equipment.

And here’s another typo that Spell Checker will miss: exits and exists

Wrong:  We will log the well to see if additional pay exits to be perforated.

Right:  We will log the well to see if additional pay exists to be perforated.


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