In the Sunday paper there was a nice article about the AVID program (Achievement Via Individual Determination) at Klein Independent School District. One of the photos accompanying the story had a quote written on the board in the classroom, which said:

“The Past is our heritage, the future is our legacy, and the Present is our Responsability.”

I had a major conniption and nearly choked on my morning coffee. Not only was the capitalization inconsistent, but the word “responsibility” was misspelled! The teacher didn’t catch it. The Advanced Placement students didn’t catch it. The editor of the newspaper didn’t even catch it. And this program was being touted as a model for getting Latino students into college!  Yikes!

So today’s Tip of the Day will focus on words that rhyme with “ability” but end in “‑ibility.” That’s with an I, not an A.

Accessibility Admissibility Audibility Combustibility Compatibility Comprehensibility Compressibility Conductibility Corrosibility Corruptibility Credibility Deductibility Destructibility Diffusibility Divisibility Fallibility Feasibility Flexibility Incompatibility Invisibility Legibility Miscibility Plausibility Possibility Producibility Reducibility Resistibility Responsibility Reversibility Sensibility Submersibility Susceptibility Visibility … about 100 more

Words that end in –ibility generally represent a measurable parameter, although not always. This is one of those things you just have to know. The best way to learn it is to see the word often enough to know if it looks right or not.

Apparently the AVID students are not as familiar with “responsibility” as one would like. I hope they become avid readers so they will recognize such errors in the future.

Profound Quotes of the Day

“The price of greatness is responsibility.”

– Winston Churchill, British statesman, 1874-1965
“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.“

– Abraham Lincoln, US President, 1809-1865


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