I have accumulated a list of funny little things I saw that needed fixing, and none of them merits a whole diatribe, so I’ll just address these little issues with five mini-tips all rolled into one big one.

Boo-Boo #1:

We were able to run the casing easily because the wellbore did not have a sever dog leg.

I am so glad that poor dog did not have his leg cut off! I’m sure the author meant “severe” not “sever,” which means to cut off. And dogleg is a single word, not two words.

Corrected Example #1:

We were able to run the casing easily because the wellbore did not have a severe dogleg.

Boo-Boo #2:

The 8.5″ section will be dilled over the weekend.

I presume you are going to use some kind of brine with that dill herb to treat the well and pickle it, eh? My Grandma J. used to make some amazing Polish dill pickles. Ah, but I digress. I’m sure the author meant “drilled,” not “dilled.” Spell Checker didn’t catch it.

Boo-Boo #3:

The company plans to reveres the flow in the pipeline.

To revere means to have deep respect or admiration for something, and I’m sure an oil company respects the oil. Surely, though, the author meant “reverse” here, meaning change direction.

Boo-Boo #4:

The current plan will be focused on infill drilling.

Here we have a verb tense problem. The current plan exists in the present, and it has a current focus. The infill drilling will be done in the future, but the future tense verb “will be” pertains to the current plan and should match its subject; hence, we should use a present tense.

Corrected Example #4 (a two-fer):

The current plan is focused on infill drilling.

The current plan focuses on infill drilling.

Boo-Boo #5 is also a two-fer:

RTP to production

RTI to injection

RTP means “Return to Production,” so “RTP to Production” means “Return to Production to Production,” which, of course, is repetitively redundant.

Likewise, RTI means “Return to Injection,” so you do not need to add “to injection” after it. It’s always best to spell out such acronyms or initialisms the first time they are used. Then, whenever you use them after that, just say in your mind what it stands for and see if that sounds right in the sentence.

What is a boo-boo, you ask?

A boo-boo is a blunder or silly mistake. It is also a small scratch or cut.


Mommy put a bandage on the little girl’s finger, then kissed the boo-boo to make it better.

Boo-Boo was also the name of Yogi Bear’s little sidekick in the Saturday morning TV cartoons. Boo-Boo tried to keep Yogi out of trouble, which he often got into despite being “smarter than the average bear.”


Profound Quote of the Day:

“Russia, France, Germany and China – they revere their writers.

America is still a frontier country that almost shudders at the idea of creative expression.”

– James A. Michener, American novelist, 1907-1997



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