I saw a reference to a J-Leverett function, which I changed to Leverett J-function.

A little history lesson:

You see, in 1941 Mr. M.C. Leverett of Humble Oil and Refining Co. (the H in Humble is silent) coined the term J-function because the plot of his dimensionless water saturation equation describing capillary pressure had the curved shape of a J.
This Leverett is the same guy who came up with the Buckley-Leverett equation the very next year (1942) with his pal and workmate S.E. Buckley. (No, I wasn’t around back then; I had to look it up.)

Trivia Question:

Whatever became of Humble Oil and Refining Co.?

Anyway, there is a Rule of Thumb for words like J-function:

The single letter is capitalized, followed by a hyphen, then the word.






What is a V-door? It is an opening or ramp used to drag joints of drillpipe to the rig floor. On older derricks, the shape of the opening was a V, hence the name.

One of the hazing rituals for newbies is to tell them to go ask somebody on the rig for the key to the V-door. Don’t do it; there is no such thing. It’s like sending somebody to find a left-handed screwdriver.

Answer to Trivia Question:

It is now ExxonMobil.


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