Up and Down Suffixes

I did a Tip of the Day two years ago about how up– and down– are joined prefixes, not hyphenated.


Updip and downdip

Uptime and downtime

Q: What about suffixes, i.e., –up and –down at the end of the word?

A: Well, that depends.

If used as a verb phrase, generally two words are used (not hyphenated).

If used as a noun or adjective, use a single word.
Up Examples:

Build up (verb)         buildup (noun, adjective)

Clean up (verb)         cleanup (noun, adjective)

Hook up (verb)          hookup (noun, adjective)

Jack up (verb)          jackup (noun, adjective)

Set up (verb)           setup (noun, adjective)

Start up (verb)         startup (noun, adjective)

Down Examples:

Blow down (verb)        blowdown (noun, adjective)

Break down (verb)       breakdown (noun, adjective)

Draw down (verb)        drawdown (noun, adjective)

Hold down (verb)        holddown (noun, adjective)

Pump down (verb)        pumpdown (noun, adjective)

Shut down (verb)        shutdown (noun, adjective)


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