Typo in the Headlines

US presidential contender Mitt Romney had a major typo in his new iPhone app: he misspelled the word “America.”

This typo has made the headlines. It’s even worse than when our school superintendent candidate misspelled “public schools” as “pubic schools” on his resume. We didn’t hire him; should we hire Mitt as President?

After Romney clinched the Republican presidential nomination in the Texas primary last night, his “I’m with Mitt” app was released, which allows users to post photos of themselves along with 14 different banners, one of which reads: “A Better Amercia.”

The typo lit up Twitter as various people poked fun at what “Amercia” might stand for.

My definition is “land without mercy.” When you put the prefix a– in front of something, it means “not” or “without.”


Achromatic = having no color, without color

Apologies and corrections follow such big typos; rarely do you see ones of this magnitude.

Romney campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul told MSNBC that “mistakes happen.” Romney’s campaign has submitted a corrected app to the folks at Apple, which will have to approve the new typo-free version.

That’s why they need to pay editors big bucks to catch that stuff. A good editor will show “no mercy” when it comes to grammar, punctuation and typos.


Profound Quote of the Day:

“I contend that a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.”

– Winston Churchill, English statesman, 1874-1965


2 Responses to “Typo in the Headlines”

  1. Joe Says:

    Should a typo or policy determine who gets hired?

    I do like your definition of Amercia though. It describes the people of our nation – the ones who mercilessly attacks a man because of a typo.

    • petrocomputing Says:

      Dear Joe:
      I don’t think we should elect or not elect a person based on a typo, but to hire a Superintendent of Schools (47,000 student district), where they teach kids how to spell, when he didn’t even proofread his own resume, you gotta think twice about hiring such a person. We made the better choice; the Superintendent we hired ran the district just great for 7 years, with better test scores, new school buildings, and no new taxes!

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