Hydrochloric Acid

Here’s a short sentence that required quite a bit of fixing:

The well was acid stimulated with HCL acid.

The first thing this chemist saw was HCL. It should have been HCl, the chemical compound comprised of one atom of hydrogen (H) and one atom of chlorine (Cl). If you look at the Periodic Table of the Elements, elements with two letters have the first letter as upper case and the second letter as lower case.

The second thing to be fixed was “HCl acid.” HCl stands for hydrogen chloride, if it’s in the gaseous state. In an aqueous solution, which undoubtedly they were using for stimulating the well, it is called hydrochloric acid. Therefore “hydrochloric acid acid” was repetitively redundant. And saying that the well was “acid stimulated with HCl acid” was repeatedly repetitively redundant.

The third thing was that “acid stimulated” could have been hyphenated. I’ve seen this phrase often both hyphenated and not; but normally when a noun and a verb are used together to express a single concept, the two words are hyphenated.

Oil-based mud
The mud is based on oil.

Our Example:
Acid-stimulated well
The well was stimulated with acid.

I think it follows the same formula, so I would hyphenate it.

So here is our corrected sentence:
The well was acid-stimulated with HCl.

Hilarious Typo of the Day:
Peek production is expected in 2016.
Better close your drapes, blinds, and shutters in 2016!

Profound Quote of the Day:

“Remember, happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you  have; it depends solely on what you think.”
– Dale Carnegie, American author (How to Win Friends and Influence People) and motivational speaker, 1888-1955


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