Little, Tiny Things

I saw a few little, tiny things in a one-page document today, and since I didn’t have any topic in mind to share with the Peanut Gallery, I thought I would point them out so you can “keep your eyes peeled,” as my dad used to say when we went looking for golf balls in the rough
across the street after supper.

Tiny Thing #1:
Following last weeks’ meeting…
The meeting was last week, so it should be week’s, a singular possessive, not weeks’, a plural possessive.

Tiny Thing #2:
David Innes, VP of Community Relations, will now report to Ronald deVries
There is no period at the end of this sentence.

Tiny Thing #3:
There was a double space between two sentences, rather than a single space after the period, and because the paragraph was full justified (both right and left sides aligned), the space looked even larger.

Tiny Thing #4:
… to ensure that XYZ remains a company we can all be proud of.
This was the last sentence of the document, and it ended in a dangling preposition.
… to ensure that XYZ remains a company of which we can all be proud.

Jeanne’s Original Quote of the Day:

Nothing separates the men from the boys like seeing a train while in a car.
A boy will say: “Oh, boy! A train!”
A man will say: “Aw, man! A train!”


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