It Figures

Sometimes we get so carried away proofreading the words that we forget to proofread the figures. I caught three boo-boos today.

The first one was a lovely diagram of five overlapping circles that made a lovely May flower, with each petal labeled something different: Health, Security, Environment, Social Responsibility, and Saftey. Yes, the word Safety was misspelled. We’ll have to totally redo that picture.

The second one was supposed to be one of those words-in-the-boxes diagrams, but when the picture was cut and pasted in, the words hung outside the boxes, low and to the right. We’ll have to redo that one, too.

The third one was certainly the wrong picture. The caption read “Central contract repository,” but the photo was a guy looking at the installation of a 30-in. pipeline. Surely they are not going to archive the contracts in that big old pipe!

The moral of this story is: make sure you scrutinize your pictures with as much care as you do your words.

Profound Quote of the Day:

“Be as you wish to seem.”
– Socrates, Greek philosopher, 469-399 BC


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