Replace All in Selected Text

If you select some text and do “Replace All” on it, sometimes just the selected text has the Replace All action applied to it,
and other times the entire document has the Replace All action applied to it.

Rhonda Bracey, the Australian CyberText Newsletter blogger, believes it’s a bug. “When I’ve selected a part of the document and clicked Replace All while that part is selected, then I ONLY expect the Replace All to work on that selection, unless I’m asked otherwise,” she claimed.

“The real quirk is that when you first open a document and run Replace All, it will work on the selected text only, UNLESS you click Replace or Find Next first. Once you’ve clicked Replace or Find Next (not Replace All), Word thinks you want to do the
replacements one by one and so ignores your selection! Then if you click Replace All AFTER clicking Replace or Find Next just the once, the entire document is scanned and the Replace All action happens across the whole document.”

So how do you get around it? Rhonda recommends the following:
“If you really want to Replace All just in the selected text, save and close the document, then re-open it. Run the Replace All action on the selection and it will work — DO NOT click Replace first, otherwise clicking Replace All will replace across the whole document.”

If you have to do this often, it can be a real nuisance, Rhonda admits. But at least we now have a workaround to achieve our original
goal of replacing only the ones in the selected text. If you would like to thank Rhonda personally for sharing this valuable tip, please visit her blog:
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