Bunch of Little Things

None of the topics scribbled on my Tip List are worthy of a full-blown diatribe, so I’ll combine a few small ones with some Funny Typos of the Day.

1) What is the plural of “code of practice”?
Wrong answer: code of practices
Right answer: codes of practice

2) Instead of using “very” in front of an adjective, try to use a single, more descriptive adjective.
Very large => enormous, gigantic
Very small => tiny
According to Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty, “Replacing two simple words like very hungry with one more descriptive word like ravenous makes your writing tighter — and usually more interesting, too.”


3) Be careful about using the same word over and over, particularly buzzwords.
Bad Example: robust – they use this ad nauseam to describe software in marketing materials

Funny Typos:

1) Impudence (instead of impedance)
2) Dud consideration (instead of due consideration)
3) Pressure deferential (instead of pressure differential)


Project Management Quote of the Day:

1. “When too many roosters are crowing, the dawn arrives late.”
2. – Ancient Greek proverb


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