Redlining a PowerPoint Slideshow

I learned something cool today!

Did you know that you can turn your arrow cursor into a pen, a felt tip pen, or a highlighter during your PowerPoint presentation to mark up
the slide? And then make it disappear with the push of a button? It’s true, it’s true!

This can only be done while you are in Slideshow mode, not in slide creation mode. Just right-click on the slide, and when the menu comes up,
choose Pointer Options, and select either Ballpoint Pen for a fine line, Felt Tip Pen for a thicker line, or Highlighter for a really thick line. You can choose the ink color there, too. Of course, as an editor I would choose a red felt tip pen so I can bleed all over bad examples of writing up on the screen, making my proofreader’s marks to show how this is done.

To make it all go away before the next presentation, just press the letter E key, and POOF! It all disappears faster than Girl Scout cookies in the break room! To switch back from felt tip pen to arrow pointer, just do [Ctrl] + [A]; then to toggle back to the pen, do [Ctrl] + [P].

One final bit of magic: if you move your mouse to the lower left corner of the screen, a little marker will appear. If you click on this, you can toggle back and forth between the pen of your choice and the arrow pointer. How cool is that?!

Oh, I’m going to have fun with this new capability!

Who Whom Kolache tip of the day slide











4 Responses to “Redlining a PowerPoint Slideshow”

  1. petrocomputing Says:

    That is SO COOL! I cannot believe I didn’t know that. Thanks Jeanne! I will have fun with this too ☺
    – Alejandra Maldonado Pena, Houston

  2. petrocomputing Says:

    Thanks – that was helpful for me


    Adnan Al Lawati, Oman

  3. Toby Says:

    always good stuff. thanks.

  4. petrocomputing Says:

    Thank you for the good tip.

    I like the excitement in your words ☺ ☺

    Although this is functionality is new to you, It has been there for a decade. I knew it when I was 14

    Thanks Jeanne

    Keep the good tips.


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